Saturday, January 25, 2014

Feeling Empowered and its flip side Pride!

     As I started this week's bible study - a little late due to a hectic schedule and slow recovery from the flu last week, I did feel empowered.  I had every intention of joining everyone on the FB page on Thursday.  The week was going well.  I was caught up with the reading and reflection questions.  I had spent the evening at home on Tuesday and had successfully battled temptation to eat outside of my plan with prayer and walking away from the kitchen.  Even after I weighed myself at home for the first time in months on Thursday morning things were going well.  I am following a heart healthy eating plan and controlling portions by using Weight Watchers Points Plus program.  Then time at home by myself again while my husband was working his part-time job.  (We are both retired from our careers.)  I binged on crackers with my tune salad.
     I was so frustrated, but the idea that the  Lord loves me anyway when I fail, that I don't have to perform to earn his love and attention was a comfort and got back on track on Friday.  But I was too ashamed to join in with the FB meeting.  The Holy Spirit is our "Empowerment" Coach.  When I turn to Him - which I did on Tuesday and not on Thursday, I can do all things with His gentle guidance and encouragement.  He will show me when I remember to stop and listen (and not let pride get in the way like I did when I ignored him on Thursday) how to battle the flesh and "the little devil whispering in my ear on my shoulder".  It's very easy when you think you are empowered to fall into pride and try to do this without the help of Jesus.  There is a thin line between pride and empowerment.  Let me not fall into that trap, Jesus.  I need your help and encouragement daily as I walk this walk of eating to live and not living to eat.

Many Blessings,


  1. Oh, please don't feel embarrassed to join us on the study and admit to whatever is happening! So many of us can relate to everything you are going through, and so many more of us will be there to love and support you through the setbacks!! Prayers that this week is a better week!

    Kris Danko (OBS Blog Hop Team)

  2. Great blog post. Please join us even when you didn't exactly follow your eating plan. You will be encouraged, supported and spiritually nourished. May this be my prayer too "Jesus, I need your help and encouragement daily as I walk this walk of eating to live and not living to eat." Amen. Natalie (OBS Blog team)

  3. Donna,
    Thanks for posting..
    It's easy to post when your doing well and to keep silent when you are not.
    But sharing the struggle is what can help others when they struggle..
    Sure someone can be doing better than we are (this week) and some can be doing worse...
    Allowing God to love us and change our mind and transform our lives is a daily.. minute by minute... choice by choice process.
    I love food, I enjoy dining... tasting... and although it is all permissible it is not all beneficial...
    I am more overweight now than I ever was... and it feels like an endless battle I really do not want to fight...
    But with God I know I should and I know I must.. and I know with God all things are possible...
    This was not my best week (restaurant week) but tomorrow is another day... and
    I pray for you, myself and everyone who is in this struggle. May God fill all our cravings (food, attention, acceptance, drugs, sex etc.) with Him and His love...

  4. Thank you Donna for sharing your honest journey. I too had a bad day this week, but I also had a great day. It is a learning experience for me. These cravings are pretty ingrained with me. I am using prayer this week to help. Praying for you on your journey. {I too love WW!}

  5. Nooooo! Don't run away from your perceived failings. You didn't fail. And from what you wrote you didn't binge either. Did you plan to eat a bunch more crackers than you planned to? Did you eat crackers until you felt sick and then some? No? Then you merely ate more than you needed. And/or you attempted to eat away whatever was bugging you emotionally.

    Love and appreciate your honesty.

    Hope you don't mind but I linked your post to mine here.

  6. I thought I was the only one who ask for the Holy Spirit's guidance and totally forget to ask the next day. It really is battle. Thank you for sharing. I loved it!


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